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Below you will find a list of public resources available to download from the Curriculum Center.

DepreciationThis is a Note on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  It discusses depreciation, but first creates the context in which depreciation can best be understood.
Surpluses in Nonprofit OrganizationsThis note describes the rationale for having a surplus (equivalent of profit) in a nonprofit organization.  It provides guidance on how to calculate the appropriate size of the surplus.
Critique of IOM Report on GMEThis is a critique of the summer 2014 report prepared by the Institute ofMedicine on the subject of Graduate Medical Education.  It points outseveral flaws in the report's analysis and recommendations, and suggeststhat Medicare and Medicaid support for GME may no longerbe appropriate.Download
What Does an MRI Cost?This is an article published in the November 2015 issue of Healthcare Financial Management. It demonstrates how activity-based costing can be used to determine the cost of an MRI, and, by extension, the cost of other procedures in a hospital.
Whither the U.S. Healthcare SystemThese are the slides from the introductory lecture on Monday.Download
Copy Center SolutionThis file contains the answers to the questions in the copy center case.Download
Penn State Infusion Analysis Download
Tue-Cost of QualityNote that this Excel spreadsheet contains three sheetsDownload
Wed-Responsibility ChartingThis is the topic that Marty discussed during Wednesday's class.Download
Wed-Levels of DelegationThis was the first (short) lecture that Janelle gave today.Download
Wed-Lean Six SigmaThese are the slides of Janelle's second lecture today.Download
Thu-Bundled Pricing and Shared Savings

You also may find the following article interesting in thinking about the question of dividing revenue among physicians:  If you subscribe to The New England Journal of Medicine you may download it at no cost.

Kocher, Robert, and Anuraag Chigurupati, “The Coming Battle over Shared Savings — Primary Care  Physicians versus Specialists”  The New England Journal of Medicine,July 14, 2016

Thu-Management Accounting PrimerThis is the inspection copy that we send out to people considering the adoption of the text for their course.  If you would like the entire document, just send me an E-mail with your postal address.  My Email is Download
Fri-Profit CentersThis is the manuscript of an article that was published in 2008, and is referenced on the Key Concepts list for today.Download
Fri-Culture ManagementThis article is shown on the Key Concepts list for Friday.  It uses the same seven levers that we have been discussing, but focuses on the Culture Management lever and orients the remaining six toward it.Download
Sat-Organizational TransformationThese are the slides that Marty presented at the end of his session today.Download
Sat-Southern StateThese are the slides that were presented in conjunction with the Southern State case today. Download